Nu kan du se musikvideon till Lil Peep's "hellboy"

Dessutom finns albumet "hellboy" äntligen ute på alla streamingtjänster

Den svensk/amerikanska rapparen Lil Peep gick bort tragiskt för snart tre år sedan, men det har inte hindrat hans musikaliska arv från att leva vidare. För fansens skull har hans familj och skivbolag fortsatt släppa såväl postumalbum som singlar. Till mångas förtjusning blev det hyllade albumet hellboy för första gången tillgängligt på alla streamingtjänster under förra veckan. Nu släpps dessutom en musikvideo till introlåten”hellboy”.

Den nya musikvideon är regisserad av Paul John och Midnight Cinema. I klippen får vi ser vackra porträtt av rapparen medan han rör sig i en dovt upplyst miljö omgiven av duvor. Nedan kan du läsa ett uttalande från regissören:

“Well it was just me Peep and some doves in that room filming a video on a sunny
April day in Chicago. It’s funny because Peep kinda got freaked out on how close the birds were getting on certain takes, and they were not letting up. The intentional bird wrangler from now and again would rattle the light fixture so the doves would go crazy but… Let me start by explaining how peep got to midnight cinema studios. After back seat was released me and Gus stayed in communication, he explained how he was always looking for a good director and wanted me to shoot more videos, I was appreciative cause I loved his style.

Thanks to Mikey Cortez who put us in touch earlier days, anyways he flew into Chicago from Russia, to start the first tour, he came right to the studios and we got started. I developed most of the scenes on the spot since it was last minute, we hung out all night, shot, and peep stayed at the studios to rest up in between. He had a hotel but never used it, the only time I remember him leaving was to get a early morning haircut some where in Chicago. We worked straight through the night and into the next day, shooting and building an abundance of content for a variety of new music he had coming, Hellboy was the main focus. The next day Gus did his show at Sub-T in Chicago. Before that, we filmed in the room with the doves, horse head was there with a teddy bear shirt on, peep finished his show and after that came back and continued filming. The time I spent with Gus on and off camera was a memory I will hold forever. It was a weekend to remember, and here it is to show in its purity, in its lightest form, in Gus’s way. Enjoy.”

Spana in videon och lyssna på hellboy nedan!