Virgil Abloh and Ian Connor’s Suprise Visit at Sweden’s First Consignment Store Opening

See what happened at the opening of PlugMePlease

Sweden is a country known for being at the forefront of stylish fashion with brands such as Acne Studios, Our Legacy and Filippa K. This has for a long time outshined the high-end streetwear arena. However, this has come to change. With the grand opening of PlugMePlease, Sweden's first consignment store, the Swedish streetwear movement now not only have Tres Bien, Nitty Gritty, Caliroots and SneakersnStuff, but a place to call home when it comes to selling and trading streetwear.

Dopest and PlugMePlease shares the same vision for Swedish streetwear culture, to give it the room and attention that it deserves. Today, we could tell that it had been a long time coming. Hundreds of streetwear enthusiasts queued for hours to get the chance to buy, and to see the store, with rare and exclusive sneakers and clothing from brands such as Supreme, Bape, Vetements, Yeezy, Gosha Rubchinsky, Palace, Anti Social Social Club, and much more.

The store, run by Emilian Minas, is located at Södermalm in Stockholm and drew way more people than anyone had anticipated. The most surprising though, was that no one expected the opening to attract one of the most recognized and influential people in the streetwear world, Virgil Abloh, who was accompanied by his friend, influencer Ian Connor.

To everyone's surprise the Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh and the fashion designer and stylist, Ian Connor showed up out of the blue, bought some grails from the store, and spent most of their time hanging out with fans and taking photos. The most memorable was the time they spent signing and scribbling on visitors' clothing, sneakers, wallets and more, that excited fans put into their hands.

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Photo: @vibesart for Dopest