INTERVJU: Burton's Adrian Josef Margelist om kollektionen 'Analog'

‘Analog’ fyller 20 år - föds på nytt med temat “re-birth”

Redan 2001 introducerade Burton konceptet Analog. Sedan dess har det blivit deras mest utmanande kollektion, och en favorit bland såväl snowboard- som streetwear-älskare. Det var deras första outdoor-linje som tydligt hämtade inspiration från just streetwear. Genom åren har de bIand annat samarbetat med märken som ACRONYM, och tillsammans tog de fram den populära MD Clone Jacket. I år fyller kollektionen 20 år och får en helt ny tolkning. Med hjälp av Burton’s nya Chief Creative Officer Adrian Josef “AJ” Margelist får Analog nytt liv och en modern touch under temat “re-birth”

Årets Analog kollektion hämtar självklart inspiration från streetwear men även globala influenser. Linjen inkluderar kläder för dam, herr samt unisexplagg. Bland nyckelplaggen syns Hardpack Gore Tex 3L Jacket, Headstall Gore-Tex 2L One Piece samt Hardpack Gore-Tex 3L Pant. Med årets Analog kollektion fortsätter AJ och Burton pusha gränserna för outdoors-kläder med inspiration från modevärlden för en linje som passar lika bra i stan som i backen. I en intervju med Dopest berättar AJ mer om Analog: 

DOPEST: Burton has an unmatched legacy when it comes to snowboard manufacturing and gear. Tell us, how did you first fall in love with the world of snowboarding?

AJ: “Well, I grew up in Valais in the Swiss Alps, and the outdoors was always part of my life. All of a sudden in 1987, after being on Skis since I was 2 years old, there was this guy Mario Roten on these weird boards. I was 12 years old, tried it the first time in Saas Fee – and the rest is history. The virus of that new ‘thing’ – the feeling of being radical, an outsider – hooked me up very much.”

This year Analog is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a focus on re-birth. What does the theme re-birth mean to you from a design perspective?

“Re-Birth – a Renaissance – means it is an evolution and not a revolution. Because it has been there, it has a core, a past – with all its ups and downs. For us it was important to take that DNA of AG and bring it back to the community in a contemporary manner.”

How do you maintain the legacy and DNA of the Analog concept – but at the same time keep it modern and relevant for new generations?

“AG has always been progressive and on the forefront. It always had this ‘zeitgeist’. For the new collection, we have clashed this DNA with the high performance aspect we as BURTON are standing for. The outcome is the most stylish Snowboard line on a high tech performance level – the renaissance of ANALOG.”

Tell me about the inspiration behind the latest Analog collection?

“The collection has quite a bit of Asian inspired influence – think of the armor of a Samurai. We wanted to underline that the performance aspect is the key and the most important attribute of the line. The style is influenced by urban and streetwear elements which create a new contemporary look and feel.”

Do your team riders have any influence on the design and functionality of the Analog line?

“Yes – we have a group of younger riders as our AG core Rider team. They are from Asia, NA and EU. Female and Male riders in the same balance. That is really important to us – they are the core user, and tell us what an 8 hour day of riding needs. We want them to feel good in the gear. Only then can we bring an authentic trust to our consumer.”

How do you combine streetwear and function in your designs? Do you have a big interest in streetwear yourself?

“YES – I do, I have spent so much time of my life in Korea, Japan and China, and also London and NY. Streetwear became so important the past 10 years and is influencing almost every brand in the clothing sector, from luxury to mainstream and performance to fashion. Utilizing this phenomenon and bringing it into a BURTON appearance is something that is part of AG.”

The pandemic has created a longing for nature and the outdoors for many. Have you noticed a bigger demand on functional clothing and tech wear during the pandemic?

“Yes – for sure. People are seeking nature, back to mother earth and quality time in sports and the outdoors. This is a natural behavior in the end, since we are nothing else than mammals.” 

To wrap it up, how do you plan to push the boundaries of Analog in the future?

“We DESIGN THE UNLIKELY FUTURE – so be on the lookout 😉  …”

Burton’s Analog kollektion släpps idag den 9 februari i Burton’s egna butiker, bland annat i flaggskeppsbutiken på Norrlandsgatan 20 i Stockholm,  samt hos utvalda återförsäljare. Spana in alla plagg ovan – och missa inte heller vår giveaway på Instagram där du kan vinna Burton’s Down Puffy Lapper Jacket


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